Trinity Center, CA (Where the Heck is That?)


Don't worry, you are not the only one. Before meeting my wife, I had never heard of Trinity Center either, but boy do I wish that I had! Trinity Center is a little over 60 miles past Redding and has a population of a whopping 267 people. While the drive from Sacramento can be a little lengthy, every second trapped in your car becomes worth it when you finally make it to the crisp and fresh air of the Trinity Alps. Trinity Lake is beautiful (especially now that it is finally full this season), the hiking is unmatched, and the relaxation is plentiful.


My cameras and drone have finally gotten rid of their t-shirt tans, as they get more use here than anywhere else that I have traveled. During this previous trip over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, I accomplished something that I never thought I could get myself to do: wake up to watch the sunrise. For some reason, I have told myself so many times that I would, but in the morning, the warm sheets always seem to keep me hibernating. However, on July 3, I sprung out of bed with ease for the first time and watched the sunrise as it blanketed the Trinity Alps in light. Below you can catch an unedited 360 degree video of what I saw on that very day. This was shot on my DJI Mavic Pro (aka Theodrone). 

My soft spot for Trinity Center is always growing and I cannot wait to travel there again soon.  On this day, I will leave you with one final shot. This was one of the last shots that I took from my second roll of film. It is actually of flowers in a flower pot, but I love the unique angle and vivid colors. This shot remains unedited (to my wife Shannon's request). It was shot on Kodak Ektar 100, and I really found that the colors, tones and contrast were truly amazing. Luckily, I have become pretty savvy with Manual mode, which is actually my preferred way to shoot. my practice has really helped in allowing me to get all the proper exposures with my film shooting.