The Tower Bridge

After editing my most recent Instagram post,  I realized how many photos of the Tower Bridge that I have in my Lightroom catalogue. While the Tower Bridge might be obviously synonymous with Sacramento to all the locals out there, many of you might not have heard of it.

The Tower Bridge was built in 1935 in the face of a growing Sacramento population and crosses the Sacramento River. The iconic gold paint job was completed in 2002. While I always knew that it was a vertical lift bridge, I had never seen in in action until earlier this summer. Which is pretty sad, considering the fact that I was born and raised in Sacramento. 

I decided to put together a little collection of some of my favorite shots of the Tower Bridge. Many of them may be abstracted in bokeh, but I really enjoy the different vantage points and perspectives. Check out a handful more below!!

For all my blog readers out there, what is your favorite local landmark to shoot?