Bodega Bay

Whenever my wife, Shannon and I want to get away, Bodega Bay is always our go to spot. With the summer heat in full swing, we have been in desperate need to venture to cooler pastures. That is why last weekend we packed up and headed out as soon as both of us were off from work. I always hold Bodega close to my heart, so much so that this is where I proposed to Shannon almost two years ago! I could sing the praises of this area all day. Not only do I get a little time to relax when we go there, but it is a great excuse to bust out the cameras.


This trip was mostly filled with taking the drone out for some air time. Even though I have had my DJI Mavic Pro for over three months, I haven't taken many videos. Shannon and I drove between Bodega and Jenner, capturing many of our favorite spots. While the weather wasn't the most ideal, it was great to learn about the capabilities of my buddy Theodrone. I look forward to practicing more videography in the future!