Photography for me is a creative outlet. I spent a majority of my 20’s devoting my time and energy to my education. What started out as putting my creativity on the back burner during my undergraduate studies, turned into ignoring it entirely throughout my years in medical school. By the end, my head was crammed full of more knowledge than I knew what to do with, but a part of me had been neglected. It was at that time that I decided to pursue photography. I had never really known my way around a camera in the past. But my wife and I were spending a lot of our weekends traveling, and I knew it would be a great way to capture some of our memories. While that is true, it has become so much more for me than just capturing those special moments. It is a way I stretch myself creatively and continue to fuel my soul. It is a constant reminder to never let myself go again and to always live in the moment.